Shared bikes also need to use male and female waterproof cables

I believe that a lot of people have used or want to use shared bikes, no matter in parks, roads, roadside markets or even at home. Shared bikes are extremely popular nowadays. As long as you have a mobile phone, you can use them For me, who could not ride a bicycle since childhood, I was moved, and immediately learned to ride a bike with the shared bike around me, which looked quite lofty, but it was a pity that I had not learned how to learn after a week In fact, when I was a child grow up don’t want to learn or hope to your next generation, this is the so-called children when some regret things I’ve always wanted to achieve with growth But the unexpected is our factory production of waterproof connector is Shared cycling of downstream products, recently had a customer consultation on Shared cycling male female waterproof cable I think with the development of this industry will also drive the development of our waterproof connector industry application industry is described in detail in the third paragraph.


All bike-sharing platforms can activate demand for bicycles, and people who used to walk now ride bikes. However, if so, the bike is just a means of transportation, but the value of the bike is much more than that. Bicycle has a long cycling culture, integrating many functions of tourism, fitness, culture and social interaction. It is a way of life. In the past, China’s cycling culture was underdeveloped, but with the arrival of national construction and consumption upgrading tide, cycling enthusiasts are increasing. Like me and many people around me are bicycle enthusiasts, it is also a good way to exercise, especially for those who like riding bicycles.

Most people are familiar with shared bikes, especially in cities. However, what industries will be involved in the rise of this new product to promote the development of which industries? First of all we think may be advertising, bicycle hardware App can do bike AD Fitness ads and even urban local life and records is closely related to many residents of big data, and finance, etc., this is what we can think of or learned online, but I didn’t think there is a downstream products is our factory production,We are waterproof connector, waterproof plug, waterproof connector, waterproof connector manufacturers, ten years of professional production, product quality by the majority of new and old customers recognized! In a few days ago received a customer consultation Shared cycling waterproof cable, didn’t know that our products can be used in this emerging industry, according to the requirements of customers, we are using mold production, thought that nowadays the most popular industry can also promote the development of our manufacturer, should thanks to its founder Dai Wei.

The following is a picture of the newly produced mier male and female waterproof connection line for shared bikes produced by Shenzhen Jianhong Technology.

Post time: Jul-04-2022