What exactly is a waterproof male and female plug?

In the daily living room, waterproof male and busbar plugs are not very common, but many of us will be very curious in our lives, what is a waterproof male and busbar plug? What different functions does it have?

In the field of connectors with certain waterproof material properties, we all know that waterproof plugs are divided into waterproof male plugs and female plugs. They are like a pair of twin brother companies, developing together. Generally speaking, they can only give full play to the significance of their existence and their existence only when we jointly manage their existence and carry out docking work with each other. Waterproof plugs and waterproof sockets do not refer to ordinary plugs and sockets that can be used in ordinary living rooms. Such plugs and sockets are not waterproof, and of course they are also not waterproof. They are only provided by us for general environmental analysis (such as For indoors, most buildings, etc.), it cannot be used in an environment that is in contact with water, otherwise the water will penetrate into the socket, and a safety production accident of electricity data will occur.

Generally speaking, regular plugs are an integral part of household appliances and are provided when you buy them, while regular sockets are purchased separately and installed on the wall (also called wall sockets). It can also be used directly for household appliances in the form of a pull cord, and the length of the cord is within the range that allows you to pull it to where you want to pull it; waterproof plugs and waterproof sockets are usually not purchased for separate use, because they are made of matching size male and female. The so-called waterproof effect can only be achieved when the male and female headers are butted together.