Waterproof Electric Connector Mini M6

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Shenzhen Kenhon Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is a research and development, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises, to continuously meet the needs of the market and customers, the company continued to introduce professional R & D personnel and advanced production equipment , Self-extrusion wire and independent research and development mold, strong technical force, has a wealth of manufacturing experience.

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PVC IP65 Waterproof Electric Cable Connector Mini M6 5 Pin Waterproof Connector

The main purpose of PVC:

   Due to its high chemical stability, it can be used to make anti-corrosion pipes, pipe fittings, oil pipes, centrifugal pumps and blowers. The hard board of polyvinyl chloride is widely used in the chemical industry to make linings for various storage tanks, corrugated boards of buildings, door and window structures, wall decorations and other building materials. Due to its excellent electrical insulation properties, it can be used in the electrical and electronics industries for the manufacture of plugs, sockets, switches and cables. In daily life, polyvinyl chloride is used in the manufacture of sandals, raincoats, toys and artificial leather!

Product Description

Product Name: Mini M6 5 Pin Waterproof Connector
Core: 5 Core
Connector Type: Adaptor
Wirie Connector
Waterproof Grade:
Selling Iterm: Unit
Port: Shenzhen
Packaging: Carton
Delivery Time: 15 Days

Product Showcase:

Then how to contact our company to produce this kind of products?


1. First, clarify the demand of the product, the current and voltage tell our salesman;

2. The sample joint confirms whether the customer's waterproof requirements and electrical performance requirements are met;

3. Drawing confirmation, and proofing, small batch test;

4. Confirmation of packaging and logistics requirements.

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