M20 2Pin Led Waterproof Plug

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M20 T Type 2Pin Led Cable Screw Connector Waterproof Plug

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M20 T Type 2Pin Led Cable Screw Connector Waterproof Plug is our new product and it's also a better product we sell.We are committed to providing you with high quality products and services that best suit you.We firmly believe that your opinion is an important driving force for our perfection.If you are interested in our products or services, please feel free to contact us.All comments or feedback are also appreciated.

Kenhon Technology's assembled connector products have been continuously developed and improved, and it is now one of the most complete assembled waterproof joint series on the market.

Our assembly connector products cover wire-to-wire product series, wire-to-board product series, T-type assembly series, straight-through crimping product series, etc.; according to the lap joint method, it is divided into crimping series and welding series; The diameter is divided into M12M16M20M25M29 series; it can meet most of the wire harness connections on the market. M20 3 WAYS is also loved by customers.

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