Y Type Waterproof Plug Electrical Connectors

Product Details

Y type IP68 12v 5 pin 3 way waterproof plug electrical connectors for outdoor electrical connections

Y type waterproof plugs shape like a “Y”, Working temperature is -40°C~ + 85°C, Storage temperature is -25°C~85°C,  Max cable OD is 7mm,  Voltage rate is AC300V, Current rate is ≤10A,  up to IP 68 waterproof rate, Y type waterproof plugs can use for outdoor electrical connections and  other similar products.


Product picture of Y type Waterproof 12v plug:


Specification of Y type Waterproof 12v plug:

Model No.: Y type
Shape According to the picture
Color Black, white, accept customization
Working temperature -25℃~85℃
Storage temperature -25℃~85℃
Atmospheric pressure (86~106)KPA
Relative humidity ≤90%
Method Welding/Stamping
Interface type AC/DC
Max cable OD Φ7.0mm
Joiner Φ1.5
Jack material PVC
Core 2-5
Pin 2-5
Forming Injection molding
Voltage rate AC300V
Current rate ≤10A
Withstand voltage 1.5KV/1minute
Waterproof rate IP66
Wire materials PVC, Rubber, Teflon and etc.
Core 2-5



Q: Why you don’t use the silicone as raw material?

A: Silicone is fragile, easily broken


Q: What is the electric current of M27?

A: Max 40A


Q: Application of waterproof cables

A: waterproof electrical connectors, with pure copper terminals, low temperature up to -80 degrees, can be used in many places, such as used in water sprinklers, solar water heaters, field exploration equipment, Railway infrastructure, electricity transmission project, etc.