Waterproof Cable M16 PVC Connector

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Shenzhen Kenhon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded, Jianhong has maintained rapid growth, through independent research and development system,

Carrying out the continuous innovation movement, injecting new vitality into the LED optoelectronic industry, Jianhong is committed to the development of the era of waterproof joint connector products.

For many years, Jianhong products involved in the fields of commercial power, solar street lights, floor heating, urban lighting, tunnel lighting, ships, outdoor lighting, environmental protection machinery, robot automation and other fields. We have been imitated and never been surpassed

Product Description

1: appearance, environment description

1.1 Shape reference size (length × width × height) (mm): subject to the actual object (drawings are for reference only).

1.2 Use of environmental conditions

Operating temperature: -25°C~105°C Storage temperature: -25°C~85°C Atmospheric pressure: (86~106) KPa

Relative humidity: ≤90% waterproof rating: IP67

2: Product structure description

2.1 Wiring method: need to take line injection molding. 2.2 Maximum inlet diameter: Φ8.5mm

2.3 Connector contacts and plating: copper Φ2mm. 2.4 contact plastic: PVC.

2.5 waterproof rubber ring: silica gel. 2.6 exterior molding: PVC.

3: Testing

3.1 Electric strength: According to the method of 1005 in GJB1217-1991, between normal temperature and pressure, between conductor and insulator, test voltage (effective value) AC

500V / 50Hz, no breakdown or arcing after 1min, the leakage current is less than 2mA.

3.2 Insulation resistance: According to the method of 1005 in GJB1217-1991, between normal temperature and pressure, between test conductor and insulator, test voltage (effective value) DC 500V,

The insulation resistance is greater than 10MΩ.

3.3 Contact resistance: Under normal temperature and normal pressure, the contact resistance is ≤10mΩ under the condition of male and female connectors of waterproof connector.

3.4 Salt spray test: unplugged connector The connector is subjected to a sodium chloride solution with a salt solution concentration of 5% according to the method 1001 of GJB1217-1991.

After 48 hours of neutral salt spray test at a temperature of 35 ± 2 ° C, no corrosion affecting performance occurred.

3.5 Waterproof performance: Under normal temperature and normal pressure, the male and female connectors of the waterproof connector are inserted and assembled with nuts, placed in 1m deep clear water, the test time is 4h, and there is no internal inside the connector.

Water seepage. It was allowed to cool for 30 minutes under normal temperature and normal pressure, and the test reached the requirements of 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3.

3.6 Contact separation force: single hole separation force is 1.0-3.0N.

3.7 Mechanical life: Tested according to the GJB1217-1991 method of 2016, the contacts are inserted and removed 3000 times, and the friction surface of the contact parts allows the plating to be slightly

Wear, but not exposed to the base metal, no mechanical damage affecting performance, test contact resistance after the test meets the requirements of Test Section 3.3.

3.8 Mutual compatibility: Free connectors and fixed connectors of the same model type shall be fully inserted and separated.

3.9 Environmental Adaptability: The product shall meet the requirements specified in Table 1 after being subjected to the tests described in Table 1.

3.10 Test method: Unless otherwise specified, normal temperature and pressure refer to temperature 15 ° C ~ 35 ° C, relative humidity 45% ~ 75%, atmospheric pressure 86KPa ~ 106KPa.

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