male 9 pin electrical connector plug motorcycle power waterproof connector

Shenzhen Jianhong Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, with independent research and development production departments, in order to constantly meet the needs of the market and customers, the company continues to introduce professional research and development talents and advanced production equipment, independent out of wire.We can develop and produce all kinds of waterproof connectors according to customers’ requirements.At present, the company independent research and development production of the products are waterproof plug, waterproof male female plug, welding type/lock screw type waterproof connectors, waterproof cable, not detachable waterproof plug wire, yituo six waterproof line, T T waterproof connectors, waterproof signal lines, waterproof, the power cord, LED street light waterproof waterproof LED guardrail tube, LED street lamp power supply waterproof plug wire, car waterproof fuse box and so on all kinds of products.All products are up to 1P65-IP68 waterproof level.

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