M8 Waterproof Wire Connector Cable IP67

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M8 Waterproof Wire Connector Cable IP67


 1. Nut type docking assembly, simple to use and convenient installation;
 2. The generic products of Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting benchmark system enterprise;
 3. The material of products in nylon fiber greatly improves product durability and safety;
 4. Mainly used for LED lighting power cables connection and any other power cables.

Product Specification


Insulator material: PVC, PA66 (PU,SILICONE RUBBER,PA66)
Wire specifications: 28AWG-15AWG
Wire diameter: φ5.5-φ9.0
Protective level: IP68
Working temperature:  -40ºC~125ºC
Rated current: ≤15A
Rated voltage: 300V
Test voltage: 1500V
Insulation resistance: 50 MΩ

connector application

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