M12 Waterproof Electric Cable Connector

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M12 Waterproof Electric Cable Connector IP67 Plastic Nut Factory

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M12 waterproof connector, we can produce plastic nut and metal nut, from 2 core to 9 core, this product is mainly used in outdoor LED products that need waterproof, of course, the car is also used above. Our products are all with our own logo—-JH type, we can also produce our own wire, and we can also customize the color according to the customer's requirements and print the font.

Applications: Various connector wiring, connection lines, signal lines, etc. for outdoor lighting products

Product Specification

Insulation material: PVC

Wire core: 3 cores – 4 cores

Rated voltage: DC 6-24V AC 110V/250V

Rated current: 1-40A, 1-40A

Breakdown voltage: >1800V

Waterproof rating: IP67

Working temperature: -30 to 80 ° C

Inner section of wire and cable: (square millimeters) 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.75, etc.

Shenzhen Jianhong Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of national security certification power cords, automotive peripheral wire, electronic information products, wire, waterproof connectors and other wire products.

Since we are a company integrating industry and trade, the quality of our products can be controlled by ourselves and the delivery time will be relatively stable. There are also advantages in the price, our quotations are reported according to the order quantity, so the larger the batch, the more favorable our price will be.

Kenhon technology ledLED waterproof connector has unique advantages compared to other brands, its product connector is relatively complex, but the field installation flexibility is high, it is more suitable for emergency connector use.

Waterproof safe and reliable, resistant to welding sparks, high temperature, distortion, anti-oil, acid and alkali lotion. The LED function indicator can be used for fault diagnosis. The connector and cable are sealed by the industry standard “hex nut”, which greatly increases the convenience of cable fixing. Lightweight form factor design for better hiding and use.

The connector housing plastic is made of environmentally-friendly and recyclable engineering materials. The PIN pin is machined and machined with gold plating. The electrical connection is more stable and reliable. The contact resistance is lower, which reduces the energy loss of the system. It truly achieves the environmentally-friendly and energy-saving LED waterproof connector. Wide range of uses.

Product Details

Brand: Kenhon
Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Product NO: M12 Plastic
Connector Type: Adaptor
Material: PVC, Rubber
Waterproof Level: IP67
Packaging: Carton
Lead Time: 15
MOQ: 2000


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