IP67 Waterproof Metal Connector M16

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IP67 Waterproof Metal Connector Male Female Plug M16 PVC LED Waterproof Connector

Product Description

The waterproof connector is different from the ordinary plug because it has very good waterproof performance. Even if the waterproof connector is placed in a water-bearing environment, it can withstand a certain amount of water pressure and will not lose the original. Mechanical and electrical performance, even working properly.

The waterproof connector mainly uses up to five seals and the pressure of the seal ring to achieve a pre-tight seal. This kind of sealing effect is very good. It can be said that dripping water does not enter, and under normal pressure, it is impossible for any water molecules to penetrate into the waterproof connector. Even if the connector is in thermal expansion and contraction, it will not lose pre-tightening force, and it can also ensure waterproof effect for a long time.

Waterproof connectors have been favored and widely used because of their outstanding waterproof performance and advantages. In LED street lighting, driving power, stage lighting, induction sanitary ware, lighting appliances, furniture, urban outdoor lighting engineering, machinery, environmental protection, Waterproof connectors can be seen in the electromechanical, automotive, marine, and gift industries.

Product specification of M16 Metal Head



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