4 pin M20 front panel mount male female waterproof cable connectors for junction box

The waterproof plug has high mechanical strength, because its shell is made of plastic with special process, it can not only accept strong impact and slow aging degree, but also has the inevitable flame-retardant effect. It can not only be used indoors, but also work in the open air for a long time.

The heat dissipation performance of the waterproof plug is better, because the main object of the waterproof plug is the high-power equipment, the effect of large current is the line temperature is higher, the heat dissipation performance of the waterproof plug is better than other general plugs. The number one thing we are exposed to most in our daily life is the civil waterproof plug. When we hear the waterproof plug, we may not know anything about it.

Waterproof plug protective measures, because there are a chemical raw materials, all kinds of industrial environment near the acid and alkali substances, materials such as industrial wastewater can damage waterproof plug, in order to prevent these industrial materials, exhaust gas through plug into the waterproof plug inside, cause a short-circuit and make waterproof plug is connected with the external environment, waterproof plug itself the power cord diameter is small, which limits their bearing capacity.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the power of the industrial equipment that can be carried when using the plug, otherwise the plug will burn out and some places with potential explosion risk are very risky. It is better to assemble all the lines of the waterproof plug into the explosion-proof junction box when wiring, so as to prevent the spark generated when the plug is connected and harm the risk area when pulling out


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