3+2 IP65 Waterproof Connectors LED

Product Details

Product Description & Specification

DC weatherproof male female connectors with 3 lead wires: The lead wires are 7.87 inches (200mm). 22AWG gauge wire: Good for 300v / 300-volt.

This waterproof DC "bayonet" style connector set enables you to pass up to three wires through a port of an enclosure, with a rubber O-ring and cover for IP68 weatherproofing.

Outer diameter of the female connector is 15mm: You place the female through the port of your enclosure, then connect the male connector and screw on the cover piece to seal the fitting as IP67. An enclosure port that we typically use this in, accommodates a female connector of 1.57 cm (157mm) in diameter.

Operation Parameters

  • Voltage Rating: AC300V

  • Current Rating:≤8A

  • Times Of Plug: 1500

  • Max Cable OD: ≤5.0mm

Technical Parameters

  • Circuit Structure:  Parallel

  • Contact Resistance:  10mΩ

  • Insulation Structure:500M Ω at DC500V

  • Withstand Voltage: 1.5KV

Temperature Rating:-20℃~ + 85℃

Waterproof Level: IP68

RoHS Material

  • Jack Material:PVC

  • Pin Material:Nicke-plated brass

  • O Ring:Rubber

 Applications:  Led Connector,Power, Outdoor, Electrical Equipment

Picture of 3+2 waterproof connectors


Q: What is the operation temperature?

A: -40℃~ + 85℃

Q: What color we can choose for waterproof connector?

A: Normally we have the Black and white, support OEM

Q: What is the process for your products?

A: Welding/Stamping/Injection