M6 3Pin LED Waterproof Plugs

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M6 3Pin LED Connector Male and Female Solar Light Waterproof Plugs Connector

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M6 3pin LED connector male and female Solar Light Waterproof Plugs Connector has unique advantages compared with others.Its product connector has high field installation flexibility and is suitable for emergency connector use. It is waterproof, reliable, and resistant to welding sparks, high temperature, deformation, oil proof, acid and alkali emulsion.The connector housing is made of environmentally friendly, recyclable engineering materials.

At present, the waterproof joints will be developed to a smaller size, and the mini-type joints such as M6/M8/M10 will be developed. At the same time, the joints of higher power will be started, such as M35/M45, whether it is assembled miniature products or assembled high power. Products, have a vast market. In terms of materials, the waterproof plug will be from the complete PVC stage to the nylon plug era, and the material improvement is a test for the market. Because the fierce price competition leads to lower and lower profits, many minimally invasive enterprises will be violently impacted. . As waterproof connector products are recognized by customers in the market, waterproof joint products will gradually change from non-standard products to standard products. For example, M15 joints have gradually been accepted by the market in recent years, and gradually become the standard products in the industry.

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