M27 Waterproof Plug IP68 Connector

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Product Description

Waterproof plug products are widely used in LED lighting, driving power, stage lighting, induction sanitary ware, lighting appliances, furniture, urban outdoor lighting engineering, machinery, environmental protection, mechanical and electrical, automobile, ship, gift and other industries.

Product Specification

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Brand Name: KENHON 
Model Number: M27 
 Type:   Adapter
Application:  Lighthouse 
Gender:  Male & Female 

Product name: 

M27 high power new energy waterproof plug underwater robot IP68 nylon waterproof connector
Color:  red
Material:  PA66 
Certificate: ISO9001
Connector type:  Adaptor 
Pin:  2PIN
Connector:  Wirie Connector
Item:  M27 Molded Cable
Lead Time :  15day

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