M12 Waterproof Connector IP67 6Pin Cabl

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M12 Waterproof Connector IP67 6Pin Cable Male Female Solder

Kenhon over molded cable connector: nylon material, over mold with cable solder type, waterproof level is IP67.

Overmolded cable connectors are widely used in led light power, driver, controler and signal trasmission. And also applied in electrical equipment, etc. 

We are a factory, not only over molded cable connector, but also produce waterproof connector/plug/cable splitter. Kenhon electric, have professional hardware and cable production department, mold making & injection molding department and R&D department. So your designs and drawings are welcome. We also can custom made for you. 

The apple goods for you, with shortest time.

With us , your monney is in safe.

Assembly Connector
Wire to wire /Wire to panel waterproof connector,L/T screw type connector
Over-mold Connector
Nylon/PVC /Metal /Aviation waterproof connector,DC connector
T Connector
Over-mold T waterproof connector
Y Connector
Over-mold Y waterproof connector
Distributor Connector
M15/M18 Series(1to2/3/4/5/6) LED waterproof connector

Precautions for use of waterproof connectors:

1. Please align the external arrow of the male and female plugs with each other before assembling the product. Do not misplace the docking;

2, limited to the fine structure of the plug, do not violently assemble the product to prevent damage and deformation of the plug;

3, due to the small diameter of the contact pin, please be careful to prevent the pin from breaking or bending;

4. Please use the waterproof ring correctly and assemble the plug in place to ensure the protection of the product;

5, due to different core numbers, the performance of the same type of product may change, please pay attention when using;

6, this product can be produced with DC plug, can be arbitrarily docked without direction, assembly is simpler and safer!

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