LED Light Waterproof ELectric Plug Connector

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LED Light M15 Nylon IP68 Waterproof ELectric Cable Plug Connector 2-4Pin

Product Description:

Name: LED waterproof cable / wire to wire / injection type (waterproof) connector

F-type three-way waterproof cable main specifications / special features:

Protection level: IP68

Insulation material: nylon

Business commitment:

1, product description, there is no deception of consumers, customer situation.

2, professional guidance, and strive to use the least cost, recommended models for customers

3, the incoming material is bad, the manufacturer 1:1 exchange.

The foolproof is the difference between the connectors, so that when the user uses the product, the product can be used normally without thinking. In fact, this is very important, which can save users a lot of time. The simplest case is the network port. When using routing, especially enterprise-level routing, due to the large number of branches, in order to distinguish which network port is for which location, we usually put a label on the network port, indicating the network. Which position corresponds to the mouth. In this way, when the network is abnormal, our IT maintenance personnel can quickly find the location and troubleshoot. If there is no labeling, then at this time, it will be extremely difficult to check. This use of the label will increase the role of foolproof.


Then how to contact our company to produce this kind of products?

 1. First, clarify the demand of the product, the current and voltage tell our salesman;

 2. The sample joint confirms whether the customer's waterproof requirements and electrical performance requirements are met;

 3. Drawing confirmation, and proofing, small batch test;

 4. Confirmation of packaging and logistics requirements.

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