KE17 Welded Cable Plug Waterproof

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KE17 Welded Cable Plug Waterproof

Latchable device AC connector with 3 conductors with linear, uncharged and prefabricated ground contacts. It can replace device couplers in any harsh environment and is recommended to be equipped with a locking device during service to ensure a secure power connection.

Note: this connector is a connector without breaking capacity. For example, do not connect or disconnect during loading or live performance.

Contact resistance to m Ω (internal) for the unit 3 or less
Dielectric strength in kVdc units (external) 4/2.8 kVac
Insulation impedance in G Ω > 0.1 (after damp heat test of IEC 68-2-30)
Electronic contacts 2 + PE
The rated current per contact   20 RMS in units of A
Rated voltage 250 ac in units of V

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