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Product Details

M12 PVC Metal Nut Thread Connector IP67 LED Male Female Waterproof Cable COnnector Plug

Product Description

The M12 metal nut is made of PVC or rubber wire. It is 180 degree and threaded, so the waterproof effect is better, and it is not easy to loosen even if it is used for a long time. Our company's M12 brief nut is the color of the wire currently available in black, yellow and blue. If you want other colors, we accept customization.

This product is widely used in outdoor applications for LED lighting projects.

(such as LED strips, LED spotlights, LED wallwashing, LED billboard lighting, LED tunnel lighting, LED floodlighting, LED street lighting, LED outdoor display;)

Shipbuilding industry, aviation, automotive, industrial equipment, temperature sensing and other industries


 M12 product parameters

 Number of cores: 2pin to 9pin

 Rated voltage: 110V/220V

 Rated current: 1A-5A

 Breakdown voltage: ≥1500V

 Wire material: PVC / rubber / silicone / TPU / etc.

 Core material: brass / bare copper

 Wire diameter range: 4.0mm~7.2mm

 Terminal pin specification: copper terminal with nickel, silver and gold plating (outer diameter 1.5mm/1.2mm/1.0mm/0.8mm)

 Waterproof silicone ring: 8*1.5mm red/white

 Plug compound: PVC / nylon

 Working temperature: -40~105°C nylon material

 Waterproof rating: IP67

 Features: waterproof, cold resistant

 Connection type: Spiral round male and female mating interface, forced nut design, O-ring sealing protection


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