What are the advantages of Kenhon technology waterproof connector?

Waterproof connectors, as the name implies, can be applied to the environment with water, under a certain water pressure to ensure that the internal mechanical and electrical properties of the connector can be used normally.

From the application field of LED waterproof connector, its market development is more and more extensive, leading in many industries. Compared with the world, the importance of waterproof connectors in China’s domestic market is still low, the three major markets are urban lighting, medical equipment, aerospace military, railway and traffic control, and power supply and distribution equipment.

Kenhon technology as led lighting waterproof connector waterproof solution expert, for many years designed for the production of LED waterproof connector, for a variety of purposes are not the same AS LED lamps, we also develop different models of products. From small power to high power, never waterproof to absolutely waterproof, very many kinds.

Kenhon technology LED waterproof connector has unique advantages relative to other brands, its product joints are relatively complex, but the site installation flexibility is high, more suitable for emergency connector use, waterproof safety and reliable, welding spark resistance, high temperature, distortion, oil, acid and alkali lotion. Led function indicator light can realize fault diagnosis, connectors and cables are fixed with the sealing industry standard “hexagonal nut”, which greatly increases the convenience of cable fixing. Lightweight shape size design, better concealment and use. The connector shell plastic adopts environmental protection and recyclable engineering materials, the connecting PIN PIN is cut by machine tool and plated on the surface, the electrical connection is more stable and reliable, the contact resistance is lower, the energy loss of the system is reduced, and the environmental protection and energy saving waterproof connector is truly achieved, and the range of use is wide.

Kenhon technology is increasingly standardized our production process and specifications, in order to build the domestic first-class waterproof connector and unremitting efforts. We are willing to make our contribution together with more photoelectric enterprises.

Kenhon Team

Post time: Jun-27-2022