Waterproof plugs make life easier

Bathroom is every family inside have, also is we often use waterproof plug place. Here is also our two big “enemy” to the head water and electricity at the same time exist in the place, the two deal with the relationship will cause serious consequences. Toilet is also the most we use, but also at any time to prevent some bear children to do something out, the safety of electricity in the toilet is our special prevention is also to focus on solving, in the end how to deal with this difficult problem safely and effectively the following small series together to find the answer for you.

Shenzhen Kenhon Technology Co., LTD., the predecessor of Kenhon electronics, was founded in 2007, is a focus on waterproof plug, waterproof connector, waterproof connector r & D production and sales of enterprises, many of its products have reached the waterproof grade of IP68, 3C, RHOS and other certification, and so on to the majority of customers’ recognition, best-selling at home and abroad.


Today we specially found our Kenhon technology product production director Mr. Deng to answer this question for you:

“ Actually reduce the security problems are not difficult to, first we need to check in usual line screen shadow hidden safety problems, the second is our common to have a safe good habit, especially in the bathroom a place like this, don’t wet hand power, unplug, and so on, the last and the most main is that we can use the bathroom of the plug, wire, strip and so on with waterproof model That is, waterproof plug, the professional name of the industry is also waterproof connector waterproof plug simple point in the water can also be used normally in the device, especially in the bathroom this air contains much water, can effectively play a good protective role There are many waterproof plugs sold in the market at present. It is not difficult to choose a good one. If you are afraid of buying fake products, you can come to Shenzhen Kenhon Technology to see First of all, we can come up from goods waterproof level annotation for answers IPXX, is currently the highest waterproof grade IP68, then there is the product of the material and workmanship good waterproof plug is usually some PVC or silicone as insulation material, it is a solid core of needle, needle or hole and insulation materials will be the use of special sealing treatment, Ensure the waterproof performance of the product and the thermal expansion and contraction of the waterproof plug, prolong the service life”.

The introduction that listened to Deng above believes everybody to bathroom how safety uses electricity, how to reduce safety hidden trouble had certain understanding, safety does not have trifle, cannot neglect.

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Post time: Jun-27-2022