Waterproof connectors for electrical engineering?

Since the invention of electricity, has brought infinite convenience and benefits to people’s life, people can live in a bright environment. As we all know, electricity is the necessities of people’s life, industry is also used much, all kinds of waterproof wire is particularly much, so waterproof connector can have an important role in the output of electricity? Today xiaobian and you talk about the importance of waterproof connectors.

If the installation of circuit power embedded is hidden, the natural consideration of waterproof will be less, but in the open air or evil slightly environment? Waterproof measures must be taken. Common protection measures include wiring in plastic or metal hoses, waterproof boxes, and some flexible plastic hose.

In the whole process of power output of wire and cable, cable waterproof joint is very important for power output, especially in the safety protection, but can not be ignored, every year because of the accident of power waterproof or some wire and cable itself waterproof insulation is very important, cable waterproof joint must be dustproof Waterproof, but also acid and alkaline, must prevent wire and cable water, once water, affect the entire power investigation, and shorten the life of the wire In the wire joint installation, to be carried out in a dry environment, must avoid water, the use of the correct installation method, according to the correct operation and use method, can prolong the service life of the wire, so waterproof joint played the greatest role, but also can avoid the occurrence of short circuit accidents and safety problems Good waterproof joints, waterproof wire and cable joints are very popular with engineers, waterproof effect is very good, in strict accordance with the requirements of waterproof material production of which materials have obtained UL recognized nylon materials, and nickel plated brass.

Shenzhen Kenhon technology ten years focus on the research and development of waterproof connector production. Kenhon technology official website: https://www.waterproofplugs.com .At present, the company’s independent research and development products are LED waterproof plug, waterproof connector, waterproof connector, waterproof connector, T-type three-way waterproof connector, waterproof male and female plug and other series of products, all products have reached 1P65-IP68 waterproof level In order to meet the needs of the market and customers, the company continues to introduce professional r & D personnel and advanced production equipment, independent pledge wire can according to customer requirements r & D and production of various waterproof plug series products.



Post time: Jun-16-2022