Waterproof connector market set off the development of new high-end technology

With the development background of The Times, waterproof connector manufacturers around the wave of technological innovation.

The rapid development of the market has accelerated the technological innovation of waterproof connectors, and the design level and processing method of waterproof connectors have also been greatly improved. Semiconductor chip technology is driving the development of connectors at all levels. In order to meet the new requirements, waterproof connector products themselves are moving towards small size, narrow spacing and multi-function direction. The direction of integration and embedded technology is also a future trend.

The rapid development of electronic technology makes the terminal application put forward higher and higher requirements for electrical connectors. Electronic devices, for example, have higher and higher transmission rates. In order to meet the large flow of data transmission and exchange, waterproof connectors put forward high-speed transmission and digital transmission requirements.

In addition, in order to save equipment space and reduce the volume of equipment, more and more signals (such as ordinary electrical signals, microwave signals, optical signals, high voltage signals, power signals, etc.) need to be integrated into the equipment. Same electrical connector. Signals can be transmitted independently without interfering with each other, which determines the development trend of integrated signal transmission of waterproof connectors will be more and more obvious.

The miniaturization of electronic products requires the miniaturization and even miniaturization of waterproof connectors. The number of contacts and contact specifications for traditional waterproof connectors are usually constant. If the user needs to change, the number of contacts and the specification of contacts must be replaced with another connector, and the advent of modular combined electrical connector technology better solves this problem.

Modular combination allows users to load corresponding functional modules according to actual needs to meet different signal transmission requirements. The combination module allows users to combine different contact arrangements in the same enclosure to meet various user requirements.

Press-fit contact technology is commonly used for cylindrical slotted sockets, elastic stranded pins and hyperboloid wire spring socket connectors, which greatly improves the reliability of electrical connectors and ensures high fidelity of signal transmission.

Blind plug technology makes electrical connectors constitute a new connection product, namely push-in connector, which is mainly used for system-level interconnection. Its biggest advantages are that it requires no cables, is simple to install and disassemble, and is easy to replace in the field. The mating speed is fast, the separation is stable, and good high frequency characteristics can be obtained, which is suitable for spacecraft.

The assembly technology of electrical connectors is evolving from plug-in mounting technology to surface mounting technology, and the future trend is to develop microassembly technology. The use of MEMs will be the driving force for improved connector technology and cost-effectiveness.

Kenhon Team

Post time: Jun-29-2022