M14 Waterproof Cable Connector

Product Details

Quality inspection standard

Production process and quality inspection process in our company are very strict, the product before the start of the production, strict quality for the suppliers of material selection, choose good material production, the optimal product, and we are still need for production at ordinary times more strict screening, general products are pass four working procedure inspection, and a final sampling inspection work, ensure the spare parts to the customer are is one of the best waterproof plug.

Product Description

M14 waterproof cable connector usually used in the field of new energy vehicles, such as automotive, electric cars. Adopts safety PVC material and gilded copper conduct, the product's working temperature is -25℃~85℃, the relative humidity is no more than ≤90%, and the electrical conductivity is well.

Product Specification

Location: Guangdong,China
Brand Name: Kenhon
Product Model: M14
Connector Material: Nylon
Contact Material: Brass with Gold Plated
Waterproof Level: IP65
Color: Black
Packaging: Carton,Plastic,As Customer Requirement

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