F Type 1 Out 4 LED Waterproof Connector

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F type 1 out 4 IP68 Nylon LED Waterproof Light Bar Connector

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The M15 F type is widely used in wall washers, outdoor LEDs, etc. The waterproof level can guarantee IP68, and it can be put into the water to be soaked after installation. What our company can do now is 1 out of 4 three cores. If you have other special requirements, you can also customize.

The LED waterproof light strip uses a very soft PCB board as the substrate, and the patch Chip RGB is used as the illuminant. The illumination angle is 120 degrees. Each 50cm has 15 LEDs, 24 LEDs, 30 LEDs, and the illuminator is evenly arranged. It is clothed on the strip PCB board, which makes the color soft, the light mixing is evenly connected with the plug-in beautiful joints. The shape is very thin and compact, and it has a 3M adhesive. It is a multi-purpose horizontal soft strip.


The LED waterproof light strip adopts a control chip with stable quality. The light source has high brightness, large angle, good quality and stable performance. Generally, it is composed of three LEDs (12V DC) or six LEDs (24V DC). Length required, cut between each unit, very convenient to use red light: 1000-1100MCD, green light: 2000-2200MCD, blue light: 1000-1100MCD Power: 3.6W/0.5M/12V DC or 5.76W/0.5M/ The 24V DC LED center distance is 33mm, 20mm (can be customized according to customer requirements). The LED waterproof light belt adopts the internationally popular DMX512 control system, which can realize various changes of various color jumps and gradations of the drive. It can also be controlled by the full color controller CT308 to achieve the overall change. It is mainly used indoors for small wall washing. Effects, interior decoration, landscaping, etc.

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