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Business Type: Industry and Trade Integration

Company Name: Shenzhen Kenhon Technology CO., Ltd.

Address: 95 Buildings, Mashan Fifth Industrial Zone, Matian Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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M7 Mini LED E-bike 2P Waterproof Cable Male Female Plug Connector

Product Description

M7 is a new set of molds that we have opened, and it is also a new product of our company. Many customers in the market are consulting this product, mainly used to share bicycles. The waterproof level is IP65 and can only be made up to 6 cores. Our company's products are all custom-made, no stock, the advantage of this is that we can accept customers' special needs for products. There are also several options for wire, such as PVC, rubber wire and Teflon. Wire specifications are 24AWG, 26AWG, our company's aim is customer first, quality first.

This year, the M6/M7/M8 three MIni-type products are explosion-proof, because it is small, light and popular, or it may be because the new energy is now new, just like it can be used on new energy electric vehicles. . Our products are global-oriented, not single, only facing certain countries, so if you have any needs, you can always consult me.

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M7 mini plug

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Q:what's your company MOQ?

A: In generally, if use customer brand, we will ask at least 500~800pcs, this we can negotiate. 

Q: What's your delivery time?

A: This please ask our stock in first, products can send out once receive your deposit.If use customer brands, we will take a 3-5days to prepare materials and mass production.

Q: Can your company accept customize?

A: Welcome OEM & ODM. 

Q: Can you send a sample for us to develop?

A: Yes, we can. Sample can send out once you ask for it, but will ask a sample fee. Sample fee will return back in future order.