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M8 Shared Bike Waterproof Connector 2 Core Waterproof Plug GPS Connector IP65

M8 Shared Bike Waterproof Connector 2 Core Waterproof Plug GPS Connector IP65

Adopts advanced technology of the M8, mainly for use in a complex environment can improve the performance of waterproof highlighted the multi-fiber plug still more intuitive performance advantages, the key is to the use of different environments, such as in the automobile circuit system has been widely used, multi-fiber waterproof performance and ductility of plug, after all, has a good effect, believe that this is of great help to adapt to the complex environment are used.

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The advantages of Kenhon

Waterproof wire is more and more widely used. In the process of designing models,Kenhon technology co., ltd. has relatively complete wire types, in order to occupy an advantage in the waterproof wire market and improve the cost performance of our company's brand.After grasping the differences and characteristics between each other, the characteristics of the industry will become more and more diversified.Analyzed different models and categories, the advantages and features in the domestic wire material market will be more and more prominent, and the purchase standards for customers will be higher and higher.

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Country of Origin:Guangdong,China(Mainland)
Company Name:Kenhon
Poduct Detail:Shared Bike Waterproof Connector 
Color:Red,Black ,Accepted Customized
IP Rating:IP65
Delivery:7-15 Days