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Electronic Product Harness Custom M16 Waterproof Connector Plug IP67

Electronic Product Harness Custom M16 Waterproof Connector Plug IP67

Since 2007, exquisite production technology has been focusing on the production of extended line made of waterproof wire, and is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of waterproof wire and waterproof plug in the industry. In the past few years, our products have enjoyed a high reputation for high quality, reliable performance and durability. If you are interested, please feel free to contact our compny.

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Over the years, we have been committed to the improvement of technology and product quality, many products of the same kind are in line with international quality, and have been highly recognized by the majority of customers, and a number of countries to establish and maintain long-term cooperation with customers.

We will stick to a stable style and establish a good image among customers and partners. We always adhere to the principle of "reduce cost and bring progress to customers", provide customers with better products and services, and grow together with customers.

Company Name:Kenhon
Product Name:Waterproof Connector Plug 
Delivery:10-15 Days