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Waterproof IP67 Power Connector M18 4 Pin Cable Connector Cable Joiner

Waterproof IP67 Power Connector M18 4 Pin Cable Connector Cable Joiner

Waterproof IP67 Power Connector M18 4 Pin Cable Connector Cable Joiner is our new product and it's also a better product we sell.We are committed to providing you with high quality products and services that best suit you.We firmly believe that your opinion is an important driving force for our perfection.If you are interested in our products or services, please feel free to contact us.All comments or feedback are also appreciated.

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The importance of waterproof connectors:One: the heat dissipation of the lamp is not good, the summer weather temperature is relatively high, the LED light will also glow, and the lamp is burnt out. 1. The heat-conducting materials of the lamps are not enough. For example, the existing inferior bulbs are all plastic, and there is no heat-dissipating radiator. The heat generated by the light source can not be guided. How can it not be bad? 2. The heat dissipation design of the lamps is unreasonable. Many lamps have no heat dissipation design at all. They are assembled directly with the accessories. They have not been tested by scientific experiments. Why not? Second, the installation environment is not wet with waterproof connectors The installation of LED lamps requires a certain amount of heat dissipation to dissipate heat. If the installation environment is humid, LED lamps are also prone to damage in a humid environment. Because LED lamps are composed of electronic components, once they are wet, they affect performance and cause them to be easily damaged. In a humid environment, we need to use a waterproof connector to install it, it will not be easy to break and it is also safe. In short, the summer LED lights are easy to break, mainly because the quality of the lamps and other materials are not taken care of, and you should pay attention to the installation environment when using them. For example, under the ground, the bottom lights must be waterproof connectors at all times. Outdoor led lighting is also needed for years of exposure to the sun and rain.

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