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Outdoor Lighting Cable M16 2 Pin IP67 Waterproof Wire To Wire

Outdoor Lighting Cable M16 2 Pin IP67 Waterproof Wire To Wire

M16 outdoor Lighting Cable of Kenhon technology led waterproof connector has unique advantages compared with other brands.Its product connector has high field installation flexibility and is suitable for emergency connector use. It is waterproof, reliable, and resistant to welding sparks, high temperature, deformation, oil proof, acid and alkali emulsion.The connector housing is made of environmentally friendly, recyclable engineering materials.

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Electrical performance: mainly includes contact resistance, insulation resistance, current and electric strength.

1. Current: Limited by the electrical connector and its terminated wires. Other electrical properties as well as electromagnetic interference leakage attenuation is to evaluate the electromagnetic interference shielding effect of the connector, generally tested in the frequency range of 100MHz~10GHz. For RF coaxial connectors, there are electrical indicators such as characteristic impedance, insertion loss, reflection coefficient, and voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR).

2. Insulation resistance: A measure of the insulation performance between the contacts of the electrical connector and between the contact and the outer casing, in the order of hundreds of megaohms to several gigaohms.

3. Contact resistance: High quality electrical connectors should have low and stable contact resistance. The contact resistance of the connector ranges from a few milliohms to tens of milliohms.

4. Resistance to electric strength or withstand voltage: characterizes the ability of the connector contacts or between the contacts and the enclosure to withstand the rated test voltage, depending on the gap between the circuits (ie contact spacing and creepage distance) and the connector Insulation used in the material.

Due to the development of digital technology, in order to connect and transmit high-speed digital pulse signals, a new type of connector, namely high-speed signal connector, has appeared. Correspondingly, in addition to the characteristic impedance, some new electrical indicators have appeared in terms of electrical performance. Such as crosstalk, delay, skew, etc.


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