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M6 2-6 Core Male And Female Waterproof Connector Plug And Socket Terminal Block Connector

M6 is the mini series in our waterproof cable, Operation temperature is -40°C~ + 105°C, Save temperature is -25°C~85°C, Max wire gauge is ≤4.5mm, Rated voltage is AC250V, Rated current is ≤2A, there have 2 pin to 6 pin, same there have 2 core to 6 core, higher to IP 67 Protection grade, M6 waterproof cable can use for LED light and the other similar products.

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M6 2-6 Core Male and Female Waterproof Connector Plug and Socket Terminal Block Connector

Our company's mini products are based on the color of the product terminals to distinguish the core number of the product. The color of the two core terminals is red, the three cores are yellow, the four cores are blue, the five cores are green, and the six cores are black. . This is the regulation of the waterproof connector industry. And the main purpose of the M6 mini is to use it on LED lights.

The cable length of the product can be customized. As long as it is the customer's request, no matter how long we can do it, at the same time, the material of the wire is the same. It can be made of PVC, rubber and PA66 material. However, the waterproof rating of this product is not particularly high, generally reaching IP67.





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