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M16 PVC GUM 3Pin IP67 Buried Lamp Lighting Electric Waterproof Connector

M16 PVC GUM 3Pin IP67 Buried Lamp Lighting Electric Waterproof Connector

As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, we can see that there are many cities that will build some very beautiful parks. We will find that the quality of the buried lights in the park plays a very important role. Therefore, when installing these lights, many people will choose to lead the buried waterproof cable. Because of this product, it is possible to ensure the life of the buried lamp.

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Kenhon Electronics has been leading the development of waterproof plugs in China. Especially when selling the newly developed LED street light waterproof plug products in the waterproof wire market, it can be seen that the recognition by customers is getting higher and higher. of. After the R&D strength is getting stronger and stronger, the customer's requirements and standards can be fully achieved in the process of customizing the customer.

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M16 3Pin IP67 Buried Lamp Lighting Waterproof


Company Name:Kenhon
Single package size:52X33X30 cm
Single gross weight:0.01 KG
Package Method:Tray Packaging