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M12 IP67 Waterproof Electrical Connectors In LED Lighting Electrical Appliance

M12 waterproof cable, include the female and male cable connecting, Operation temperature is -40°C~ +105°C, Save temperature is -25°C~85°C, Max wire gauge is Φ6.5mm, Rated voltage is AC 220V, Rated current is 2~15A, up to IP 68 Protection grade, M12 waterproof cable connector can work for stage light and the other similar products.

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Product Details

M12 IP67 Waterproof Electrical Connectors in LED Lighting Electrical Appliance


 1. Nut type docking assembly, simple to use and convenient installation;
 2. The generic products of Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting benchmark system enterprise;
 3. The material of products in nylon fiber greatly improves product durability and safety;
 4. Mainly used for LED lighting power cables connection and any other power cables.

Product Description


1Insulator materialPVC, PA66 (PU,SILICONE RUBBER,PA66)
2Wire specifications28AWG-15AWG
3Wire diameterφ5.5-φ9.0
4Protective levelIP68
5Working temperature -40ºC~125ºC
6Rated current≤15A
7Rated voltage300V
8Test voltage1500V
9Insulation resistance50 MΩ

Showcase of M12 LED Waterproof Connector

Our Services

 1. Accept OEM/ODM order;
 2. Free packing design for customer;
 3. Free integrated sphere testing service,not only for our own product;
 4. Gather all goods and arrange combining shipping.

Buying Guides

 How to buy the Waterproof connector? 

* Confirm the Cable Materials;

* Confirm the Core Number and Core Diameter

* Choose Right Plugs according to Detailed Requirements;

* Confirm the Cable Length;

* Confirm the Tail Process;

* Special Process(SR, Strapping)