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M12 IP67 Male Female LED Auto Waterproof Cable Connector Plugs

M12 IP67 Male Female LED Auto Waterproof Cable Connector Plugs

M1 waterproof plug, include the female and male plug connecting.There is a waterproof ring inside the M12. Its connection method is that the nut is tightly locked, so the waterproof level is IP67. The rubber is PVC or rubber, The metal material is gold-plated or solid needle, however, the electrical conductivity is good. The rubber is PVC or rubber, and the insulation performance is very good,and the insulation performance is very good.

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Product Details

M12 IP67 Male Female LED Auto Waterproof Cable Connector Plugs

M12 design according to IEC standard

Industry standard interface compatible with a wide array of sensors and switches

Complete LED machine lighting solution

The Machine Lights package includes LED lights, mounting brackets, and M12 cordsets and connectors

Simplifies ordering by compressing the entire lighting system into one order number

Receptacle for extreme environments

Waterproof panel-mount design

Enclosure's compliance with NEMA 6P and IP67 protection

Gold-plated design after palladium / nickel

Provides long-life, high-performance electrical contacts

Rated 250V AC / DC, up to 4.0A

Suitable for Class 2 power and network circuit applications

Receptacle for extreme environments

The rugged housing features EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) protection.

Compliance with CE industry requirements

Dustproof function

Prevent loosening of coupler even in extreme vibration


Commercial vehicle

Construction and mining equipment




Vehicle network


Industrial Automation

Automated assembly equipment

Conveyor system

Material Handling

Packing equipment

Pick-and-Place Robots


Mechanical lighting

Standard industrial lighting

It is not a complete list of how this product is used. This is an example of a commonly used application.

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