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2Pin MIni M8 Waterproof Plugs

2Pin MIni M8 Waterproof Plugs

Operation temperature is -40°C~ +105°C,
Save temperature is -25°C~85°C,
Max wire gauge is Φ6.5mm,
Rated voltage is AC 220V,
Rated current is 2~15A,
Waterproof Level up to IP68 Protection grade

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Product Details

What is the LED power weak waterproof connector

Weak current waterproof connector cable of LED drive power supply is a kind of common wire. It is mainly used for LED lamp bar, lamp belt and outdoor decoration electricity. The voltage is generally less than 40V and the current is less than 3A.


Product Description & Specification

Brand Name:Kenhon
Location:Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Model NO:M8 Mini
Core:2 Core 
Application:E-bike, LED, Shared Bicycle
Shipping Port:Shenzhen
Keyword:Waterproof Cable Joint Connector
Connector Type:Adaptor
Packaging Method:Tray Packaging
Delivery Time:15 Days



LED drive power wiring scheme

1. In the past, the method was as follows: buy the power plug and send it to the wire harness manufacturer for injection molding of waterproof male and female head, and then connect it with LED.

2. Now, the solution is: buy the waterproof connector of the package, and connect it by yourself.


The past and present methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. The former methods have low cost, but with the rising cost of workers, the price of waterproof male and female heads for power processing is also rising.Nowadays, as the technology matures, the price of the waterproof plug of the package type is constantly falling, the quality of the product is also constantly rising, and the specifications are more complete, showing more advantages than the male and female pair joints in the past.

Then how to contact our company to produce this kind of products?

 1. First, clarify the demand of the product, the current and voltage tell our salesman;

 2. The sample joint confirms whether the customer's waterproof requirements and electrical performance requirements are met;

 3. Drawing confirmation, and proofing, small batch test;

 4. Confirmation of packaging and logistics requirements.