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Industrial Electric M16 4Pin Metal Head Wire To Wire Waterproof Connector Plug

Industrial Electric M16 4Pin Metal Head Wire To Wire Waterproof Connector Plug

M16 metal head waterproof plug, include the female and male plug connecting.There is a waterproof ring inside the M16. Its connection method is that the nut is tightly locked, so the waterproof level is relatively high. The rubber is PVC or rubber, The metal material is gold-plated or solid needle, however, the electrical conductivity is good. The rubber is PVC or rubber, and the insulation performance is very good,and the insulation performance is very good.

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Product Details

Company Ddescription

We are specialized in all kinds of waterproof cable, connector and plug for ten  years.The product you want is our company's regular product, the quality is superior, the price is reasonable.The waterproof grade of our product is IP65 at the lowest and IP68 at the highest.And reasonable prices, quality;Applicable scope includes Shared bike, electric scooter, LED lighting, etc.

Product Infomation

Product NO:M16 Metal Head
Rated Voltage:24 - 220V
Proof Pressure:1250 - 2000V
Power consumption:4 - 12 A
Wire Diameter:6.0mm ≤ Ø ≤ 10mm
Pin Material:Gilt / Solid Needle
waterproof Level:IP67
Packaging:Tray Packaging
Delivery Time:15 Days



·Fast, easy, and safe installation.

·High functional reliability through prevention of mismating.

·Easy function test without opening the luminaire.

·Installation without limitation of warranty – the luminaire retains its IP protection through to installation.

·Broad system – the perfect product for every application in terms of the number of poles, coding, dimensions, and design

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