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Hot Sale IP65 Wire To Wire Waterproof Fuse Box Connector For Automotive Car

Hot Sale IP65 Wire To Wire Waterproof Fuse Box Connector For Automotive Car

Shenzhen Kenhon Technology Co., Ltd. adopts advanced waterproof multi-core plugs, mainly for improving waterproof performance in complex environments. This highlights the performance advantages of multi-core plugs. The key is to be in automotive circuit systems. It is widely used in different environments. After all, the waterproof performance and ductility of multi-core plugs have excellent effects. It is believed that this is also very helpful for adapting to complex environments.

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Business Type: Manufacturer

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Company Location:Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Brand Name:KENHON
Product Name:Car Fuse Box
Certificate:CE ROHS
Lead Time:15


Q: What is IP

A: IP is used to identify the level of protection code IP by the two figures, the first number that dust-proof; the second number that waterproof, the greater the number that the better protection level

Q: Application of waterproof electrical wire connectors

A: waterproof wire connectors, with high temperature resistance, can be used in many places, such as used in urban outdoor lighting, lighthouses, light housing, offshore lighthouses, outdoor lighting projects, etc.

Q: What is your packing? 

A: first Plastic bag, then cartons.  We will base on your requirement.