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Factory Price IP68 M27 2 PIN Waterproof Connection Joint Outdoor Display 40A

Factory Price IP68 M27 2 PIN Waterproof Connection Joint Outdoor Display 40A

The products of our company are well received by domestic and foreign users for their advantages of small size, high density, environmental resistance, simple operation, high reliability and high scientific and technological content.Although m27 is the largest waterproof product produced by our company, it is also trusted and favored by users.

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Shenzhen Kenhon Technology has always regarded product quality as the life and soul of the company. The first concern of customers with waterproof plug material is whether the terminal is a pure copper terminal. There are many other materials on the market instead of copper, which not only affects the safety performance of the product. And affect the life of the product.

As a professional waterproof plug manufacturer for ten years, we will always put the quality of our products first, and provide more cost-effective products for new and old customers!

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Place of Origin:Guangdong,China(Mainland)
Company Name:Kenhon
Product Name:Waterproof Cables Socket and Plug
Shipping Port:Shenzhen
Delivery:7-15 Days