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Electrical Machine 3+6 IP67 Male & Female Waterproof Cable Connector Plugs & Sockets

Electrical Machine 3+6 IP67 Male & Female Waterproof Cable Connector Plugs & Sockets

3+6 waterproof cable, include the female and male cable connecting, Operation temperature is -40°C~ +105°C, Save temperature is -25°C~85°C, Max wire gauge is Φ6.5mm, Rated voltage is AC250V, Rated current is 2~15A, up to IP 68 Protection grade, 3+6 waterproof cable can work for stage light and the other similar products.

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Product Details

 Company Description

Shenzhen Kenhon technology has been the product quality as the life and soul of enterprises, waterproof cables material customers first concern is whether the terminal is pure copper terminals, the market has a lot of other materials instead of copper, so not only affect the safety performance of the product , But also affect the product's service life.

Three major features of connector

Environmental performance: common environmental performance includes temperature resistance, humidity resistance and salt spray corrosion resistance.

electrical properties: mainly includes contact resistance, insulation resistance, current and electrical resistance.

Mechanical properties: mainly include positioning keys, plug and pull force, locking mode, mechanical life, vibration and impact resistance.

Product Description

Model NO:3+6 
Core Number:
9 Core
Rated Voltage:24 -220V
Withstand Voltage:2000V
Rated Current:
Haredware:Gilt / Solid Needle
Number of Pluggable:5000
Waterproof Level:IP67
Delivery:15 Days