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Charging Pile Waterproof Connector IP67 Metal Head 2 To 3 Cores M27 For Electric Car

Charging Pile Waterproof Connector IP67 Metal Head 2 To 3 Cores M27 For Electric Car

The M27 needle is a 4.0mm, so its overcurrent is relatively large and can reach 40A. It is suitable for use in places like the charging pile, where the amount of current is relatively large, so the M27 model can be found inside the charging pile of the tram.

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Kenhon was established in 2007,  covers an area of 3,000 square meters and has advanced equipment and independent research and development workshops. We can customize all kinds of waterproof plug-in series products according to customer's requirements, and have the ability to open the mold and extrude the wire.10 Focus on the production of waterproof electrical appliances, and never received product quality complaints in the case of cooperation.

What is waterproof connector?

In the real sense, waterproof connectors with excellent sealing performance and safe and reliable quality are still relatively few on the market. It is required to put the connector product into the water depth of 10 meters and work for 2 weeks; put it into the water depth of 100 meters and destroy the test for 12 hours, still can maintain the good performance of the product.


Brand Name:Kenhon
Model Number:M27
Application:Charging Pile
Maximum current:40A
Packaging Type:Carton
Lead Time:15