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Assembled Type M12 Waterproof Connector

Operation temperature is -40°C~ +105°C,
Save temperature is -25°C~85°C,
Max wire gauge is Φ6.5mm,
Rated voltage is AC 220V,
Rated current is 2~15A,
Waterproof Level up to IP68 Protection grade

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Product Details

Assembled Type M12 Nylon Kenhon Supply Waterproof Electric Plugs Connector

Product Description

Waterproof connector advantages: assembly and plugging, disassembly, worry-free, easy to replace, using solid terminals!

Large terminal for a variety of automated high current equipment, air box plugging

After 48 hours of neutral salt spray test, no corrosion affecting performance occurred.

Ip68 waterproof connector Ml2 specifications:

Waterproof plug l20: 2 core, rated current: 35a, rated voltage: 500v, withstand voltage: 1500v, insulation resistance: >2000mω, contact resistance: 2mω, housing material: nylon plus fiber;

The interface type of this product is ac/dc, the contact material is copper, the number of pins is 2, the type is wire-to-wire, the processing is customized, the shape is circular, the wire length is self-wiring (mm), the application range is Led power sensor, model l20, working frequency is high frequency, the characteristics are waterproof, fireproof and cold resistant, the brand is made in China, the insulator material is nylon, the production process is injection molding assembly.

Showcase of M12 Nylon Assembled

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