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T Type Waterproof Connectors Cabl

Operation temperature is -40°C~ +105°C,
Save temperature is -25°C~85°C,
Max wire gauge is Φ6.5mm,
Rated voltage is AC 220V,
Rated current is 2~15A,
Waterproof Level up to IP68 Protection grade

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Product Details

T Type Waterproof Connectors Cable

Product Description

The miniaturization and wisdom of Shenzhen Kenhon connector products is the future development trend. Then we will discuss the development of waterproof connectors for this. Before talking about the development of Shenzhen waterproof connectors, we need to understand the Shenzhen connector, which is a kind of connection carrier widely used in electronic equipment.

1. Easy to repair

If an electronic component fails, the failed component can be quickly replaced when the connector is installed.

2. Design flexibility

The use of connectors allows engineers to have greater flexibility and better product space when designing and integrating new products, as well as using components to form a system.

In particular, T Type Waterproof Connectors Three Way 3 Pin Waterproof Cable is also one of the most popular products purchased by many outdoor lighting manufacturers.

If you want to know more about the latest industry information about Shenzhen Kenhon connector, please pay attention to our official website.

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