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10A HS 10-Pin Waterproof Electrical Deck Plug Circular Connector With Male Female IP44

10A HS 10-Pin Waterproof Electrical Deck Plug Circular Connector With Male Female IP44

The HS seriea viation plug can also be called a plug socket and is an electromechanical component that connects electrical circuits. It is widely used in various electrical circuits and functions as a connection or disconnection circuit. Improving the reliability of aviation plugs is first and foremost the responsibility of the manufacturer. However, due to the wide variety of aviation plugs and a wide range of applications, the correct selection of aviation plugs is also an important aspect to improve the reliability of aviation plugs. Only through the joint efforts of both the manufacturer and the user can the maximum function of the aviation plug be maximized.

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Product Details


Product Name: HS 10-Pin Waterproof Electrical Deck Plug Circular Connector
Rated Voltage:24-220V
Withstand Voltage:2000V
Rated Current:10A
Wire Matching:≤0.3mm
Wire Outer Diameter:5.0mm ≤ Ø ≤ 6.5mm
HardWare:Ø 1.0Gilt / Solid Needle
Operating Temperature:-40℃~+105℃
Waterproof Grade:IP44
Texture of Material:Aluminum Alloy
Tray Packaging
Delivery:10-20 Days



··Fast, easy, and safe installation.

· High functional reliability through prevention of mismating.

· Easy function test without opening the luminaire.

· Installation without limitation of warranty – the luminaire retains its IP protection through to installation.

· Broad system – the perfect product for every application in terms of the number of poles, coding,                   dimensions.