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M6 Mini Solid Needle Terminal Male & Female IP65 Waterproof Cable Connector

M6 Mini Solid Needle Terminal Male & Female IP65 Waterproof Cable Connector

Appearance small miniature size, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 core, red, yellow, blue, green color with black five, wire using pure copper production, compressive ability strong, resistance in accordance with international standards, plug terminal USES the gold-plated solid copper, the shell adopts nylon PA66, flame retardant grade 94 - VO, wire with PVC/rubber rubber material, working temperature of 140-140 degrees, using environmentally pure copper wire conductor.

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Product Details

Essential Information of Company

Registered capital: US $ 5 Million

Major business: Power cord; two-pole power plug; three-pole power plug; power connector; circular connector

Business model: Manufacturer

Main product or service: Power cord plug; waterproof plug; waterproof connector; car fuse box; computer                                                        peripheral wire; DC harness; automotive wiring harness; waterproof cable; LED                                                          connector; waterproof power cord.

Product Details

Product NO:                 M6                                  
Product Name:M6 Mini Plug
Material:PVC GUM
Rated Voltage:60V
Withstand Voltage:1500V
Rated Current: 1-2A
Hardware:Solid Needle
Number of Pluggable:5000
Connection Method:For Inserting/ Docking

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging: Carton / Tray Packaging

Shipping Port: Shenzhen

Delivery: 7-15 Days