Waterproof Cable Conncector M18 IP67

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Waterproof Kenhon Cable Conncector M18 IP67 Male Female PVC Connector

At present, the manufacturing process used by the waterproof connector has a precision manufacturing process, a light source signal, a low temperature and low pressure molding technology, and an electromechanical layout combined with development technologies.

  1. Precision production technology: This technology is mainly for technologies with small distance and thin thickness, and needs to ensure the advanced level of the global industry in the field of ultra-precision production.

2, low temperature and low pressure molding technology: the use of sealing, physical and chemical hot melt function in the waterproof connector manufacturing process to make the waterproof connector to the insulation and waterproof effect, the packaged wire ensures that the solder joint is not pulled by external force, to ensure the quality of the waterproof connector reliability.

3, light source signal and electromechanical layout combined development technology: this technology can be applied to the audio waterproof connector placed in the electronic components, the addition of electronic components in the waterproof connector allows the waterproof connector to have two functions to break the traditional waterproof connector Planning.

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M18 waterproof plug

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Understand product advantages and understand industry trends

In addition to mastering the different strengths and standards of products, it also needs to be innovative, perfect and play the role of waterproof connectors. Users are concerned about the important accessories related to safety. Very important role, if the work is not qualified for the long-term use of the connector and the quality is not qualified, then it will be hindered in the later use process, so the user must look for the strength of the long-term Aki, Fine processing design according to market standards, in this way, can obtain a large development space.

Details make a difference

The details determine success or failure. Shenzhen waterproof connector manufacturers pay attention to the development while paying attention to details, not only in the quality of products, but also in design innovation ability. Therefore, in the face of fierce competition, it is necessary to face it directly. Dare to find problems, dare to look directly at problems, dare to solve problems, etc. In the face of competition for different loves, there will inevitably be a gap, so we need to start from the basic work and do our best.