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Why Waterproof Connectors Now More And More Common Application?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Why waterproof connectors now more and more common application?


Waterproof connector, as the name suggests, is a water-resistant electronic components. They can be placed inside the power cord, such as led waterproof connector, network cable such as sharing bicycle GPS signal lines, not only to provide normal and safe power supply, signal transmission, the most important thing is to play a waterproof and dustproof effect, in addition to outdoor often Will be used to rain outside the place, even in the water can also maintain normal work.


Waterproof connector, also known as waterproof plugs, waterproof connectors, waterproof cable, widely used

1, outdoor application of LED products connection: such as LED light bar, LED spot lighting, LED wall wash landscape lighting, LED billboard lighting, LED flood lighting, LED street lighting and bridge tunnel lights, street lamps, field exploration equipment, outdoor Large electronic display, household appliances and so on.

2, suitable for industrial automation equipment, video lighting and audio equipment and engineering. For example: injection molding machines, extruders, power generation equipment, packaging machinery (heat shrinkable packaging machine) air conditioning units, lighting, energy generation, refrigerated containers.

3, water operations: ships, offshore lighthouses, sprinklers, aquariums and so on.

4, the field of military applications due to more stringent requirements, extensive use of waterproof connectors, such as submarine connectors, submarine-launched missiles and other connectors.

T type waterproof cable plug (1).jpg 


With the development of society, the rapid development of the industrial sector, the product quality requirements are getting higher and higher, waterproof connector is conform to the development of the times used in various fields, Kenhong waterproof plug mainly has several advantages:

● High waterproof rating, to meet the common waterproofing standards at home and abroad, that IP67 standards, military standards can be customized production.

● Obtained CE, CUL, ROHS international certification to prove its commitment to quality and global market position.

● temperature performance: the temperature between -40 ~ 80 electrical properties can be used normally, no water leakage.

● Electrical performance: PBT material shell, electrical performance is stable, high strength and pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance; connector carrier material is zinc alloy, to ensure that the transmission of current performance is not lost, and has a complete electromagnetic and radio frequency interference Protection; contact point is gold-plated, to ensure the reliable connection of signal contacts, with high corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, the effective response to changes in the current temperature rise.

● Quick and easy nut fixing terminals ensure quick and easy connections, while crimp terminals are suitable for quick and efficient high-volume connections.

 3+6 small waterproof wire connectors (1).jpg

With the rise of shared bicycles in the past two years, water-proof connectors are widely used in sharing bicycle smart lock cables and solar panel signal cables. The latest products from Kenhong M08 motorcycle cycling waterproof cables are favored by the market!



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