What are the conditions for new energy vehicles to use waterproof plugs

In recent years, new energy vehicles have gradually occupied the market. They can be roughly divided into: hybrid electric vehicles, hydrogen cars, solar cars, fuel cell cars and so on. Without the help of a waterproof plug, the car manufacturing phase would not be completed. Here jianhong technology will tell you what are the requirements for the use of waterproof plug for new energy vehicles?

These new energy cars operate in a voltage range of 400V-600V and a current range of 50A-300A and above. During operation, the operator will inevitably come into contact with the engine compartment throughout the life cycle of the vehicle, so high standards of protection against electric shock are required. To ensure safe operation and prevent vehicle fires, electrical connectors need to be specially designed and developed.

When choosing shell materials for electrical connectors of new energy vehicles, its weight, strength and workability must be considered first.Furthermore, the stability and conductivity of the material properties of the connector terminals at different temperatures must be considered.Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature rise does not exceed the rated value under high voltage and high current conditions. Therefore, electrical connectors with thermoplastic shells and silicone seals are commonly used, as they can withstand extreme humidity and temperature.

There are many structures used in waterproof plugs, and different structures have different advantages, such as the use of keying/polarization to prevent incorrect engagement, and the use of spear free contact to prevent damage or entanglement; Built-in CPA to prevent accidental unlocking; Interfaces and wire seals help protect the environment, etc. Design can be considered according to actual needs.

Now, car entertainment systems continue to expand.To give the driver a wider view, some models have cameras in the rearview mirror and USB ports for data transfer, among other things. Sometimes, a transfer is required. The electrical connector also has broadcast signal problems, so the data transfer function needs to be improved.

A car engine is usually located at the front of the car and generates heat. Even with a firewall for protection, heat is still transmitted, which requires electrical connectors to withstand high temperatures.

Normally, connectors have a service life of 3-5 years, but electric connectors on cars should have the same service life as cars, i.e. a minimum service life of 10 years. This is a high requirement. The material selection should have the advantage of long service life.


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Post time: Jan-05-2022