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Waterproof Plugs And Jacks And Ordinary Household Plugs And Sockets Difference

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Waterproof connectors can be divided into waterproof plugs and waterproof sockets. They are like a twin brother, co-exist. In general, they only co-exist, and they will play their meanings. Waterproof plugs and waterproof sockets do not refer to the ordinary indoor plugs and sockets used in general, that plugs and sockets are not waterproof, of course, do not need waterproof, they are only provided for general environmental use (such as interior, most of the buildings Etc.) can not be used in contact with water environment, or water will penetrate into the socket inside, the occurrence of electricity safety accidents.

Waterproof plugs, waterproof plugs and ordinary household plugs and jacks have one of the biggest difference: Ordinary plugs and sockets do not need to be bundled together to buy, usually ordinary plugs are an integral part of household appliances, when buying appliances Equipped with it, while the ordinary outlet is purchased separately installed on the wall (called the wall outlet), or by way of direct use of household appliances for the drag line where you want to pull where you want to pull where ; And waterproof plugs and waterproof sockets are usually not purchased separately and used alone, because they are matched by the size of the male and female components, only when the male and female docking to each other when they can play the so-called waterproof effect.

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