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Waterproof Plug For Your Safety Escort

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Speaking of plug things we must not be strange, we often see in everyday life, such as the legs of the legs and so on. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standard, we use more and more plugs for this thing. Almost all electrical appliances have plugs and plugs. There is no plugs. Our household appliances can not be electrically connected Use, people's normal pace of life will be disrupted, it can be said that this thing plug is the most connected with our lives things. Electricity is a relentless use of the slightest mistake will cause irreparable disaster, the plug as we use the media and bridges of electricity, a safe and reliable plug here is particularly important. What kind of plug is reliable and safe?

Water is a lot of things in our life, many appliances are used in the case of water, such as bathroom water heaters, living room or restaurant drinking fountains, etc., a little careless will be stained with water, so a good waterproof plug It is especially important. In the end what kind of waterproof plug is good, we would like to invite Mr. Huang, head of production of Guang Ya Di to introduce us, the waterproof plug as the name suggests is the waterproof plug can be waterproof, the best waterproof plug on the market is IP68, we can observe the mark on the goods can be seen, followed by a good plug have to have a good insulating ability to see the use of insulating material plug can be seen, or accidentally become a conductor insulator At present, the final insulating material is silicone. Finally, we can initially observe the work of this plug, because prolonged use of electricity will be heated in cold water cooling environment, so the plug and the electrical connection must be sealed to seal better, first, to prevent the Water, the second is the nature of this plug to have thermal expansion and contraction to ensure a long time waterproof.

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