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Waterproof Connector Needs Attention

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Waterproof connector needs attention


With the development of society nowadays, science and technology are also developing faster and faster. The mechanized equipment brought by high technology is also getting more and more advanced. These advanced mechanized equipment show a trend in all aspects to replace more and more It can be seen from this that high-tech mechanized equipment is very important to the community. In these mechanized equipment, there is a very important part, looks small but plays a role that can not be underestimated, it is a waterproof connector.

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Today, our focus is on waterproof connectors. Waterproof connectors in any water or may encounter water where the obvious, then a good waterproof connector which two aspects need attention it, of course, in addition to the essential role of waterproof, you also need to pay attention to One is the mechanical properties, mechanical properties referred to here mainly refers to the insertion force and pull-out waterproof connector; Another point is the adaptability of the waterproof connector environment.


Waterproof connector mechanical properties, insertion force and pull out of this point. Waterproof connector insertion force and pull-out force must be consistent with the corresponding rigid standards. Imagine if the waterproof connector insertion force is too high, then what will be the consequences. When we install the waterproof connector, the insertion force is too high, will lead to insertion difficult, very difficult, and over time may give the entire machinery are a safety hazard.

Regardless of where the waterproof connector is used, it is important to think clearly about the different degrees of protection that you need to purchase so you do not have to run into unnecessary trouble in the future.

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