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Waterproof Connector: Kitchen Safe Little Housekeeper

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Electricity is something we love and hate to all of us. The generation of electricity has brought us a lot of convenience. However, electricity is also a devil complex. It is both dangerous and convenient, and it is illusory and unpredictable. If you accidentally come across electrical accidents And mistakes can cause major disasters. Every year, news reports include accidents that occur due to power failure or accidental electric shock, especially in some humid environments such as the bathroom kitchen. More. Why is there more problems in this place?

Bathroom kitchen These are common in these places is often there is water in the air more water content, electricity and water is a pair of enemies, the two will definitely encounter problems, so these places to avoid the most important electricity hazards Is waterproof. We generally home wire and plug sockets are relatively poor water resistance, so in the bathroom and the use of the kitchen is very dangerous, so in order to reduce the safety problems arising from the power problem and reduce the accident rate of fault tolerance we can use these places To the plug of the wire replaced by waterproof (we put waterproof plugs, waterproof sockets, waterproof connectors, etc. have become a waterproof connector) waterproof connector. Waterproof connectors are made of special processes and materials, can be used in the immersion environment. The outer material of the waterproof connector is made of PVC or silicone with high insulation and water resistance. It has good waterproof and insulating ability, and the most important is the ability to resist cold and heat. The interior of these waterproof connectors adopts solid Needle and the upper line as the conductive medium, has good conductivity, the most important is the waterproof connector pin or line and insulating materials used at the junction of the special compression and sealing process has good water resistance and This thermal expansion and contraction performance.

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